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Yes, I’ve been absent from this blog since forever. I can’t help it. There was lots of work to be done at work – we released a tiny little game last week. There was preparation for SIGGRAPH. No, I didn’t give a talk yet, but at least it was the first one where I got a shout out(pg.35). Hey, it’s a start! ;)

And then there’s the biggest issue – I tried to go for a long-form blog, and it’s not working for me. Sometimes, long is good. And sometimes, I just need to throw out a short link. Like today.

If you’ve ever done cross-platform multithreading, you hate it. There’s no unified API, not all operations are supported on all platforms… in short, it sucks. Thankfully, @bjoernknafla to the rescue. He has written amp, a cross-platform threading library, and made the amp source available on github under a BSD license. And, what makes me even happier, he stuck to a C-style API.

So my threading issues are solved. Both in my source code and in terms of resource starvation of this blog. Expect higher throughput!

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August 1st, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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