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Bits and Nibbles, First Edition

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I’d like to be able to regularly write a full article here, but unfortunately time is a scarce resource. (Just participating in the HN discussion on the previous artcle took up a large part of my free time.)

So, instead, here’s “bits and nibbles” – a collection of links that are worth reading.

  • Packing Data into fp Render Targets – a quick recap if you need it

  • Crytek Presentations – lots of technical details on what the Crysis guys are doing. It’s an older link, but it’s worth adding to your library if you don’t have those presentations yet.

  • Chocolux – a GPU raytracer in WebGL. If that was gibberish to you: Run a realtime raytracer in your browser without any plug-ins.

  • Twitter Dynamics for Game Developes – If you’re new to twitter (or haven’t even used it yet!), this is an excellent introduction to it, what tools you might want to use, and a short list of interesting people to follow. (Me? I’m @groby.)

  • Zynga makes $500K a day – Zynga? You know, the guys who make Mafia Wars on Facebook? Not too shabby. My guess is that it’s about half the revenue Blizzard makes, with much better iteration times, and less capital outlay.

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October 21st, 2009 at 7:09 am

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